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Our Mission Statement

We are committed to providing a memorable southern California foodie experience by ensuring that each guest receives professional, friendly and courteous service, and that all guests are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Our pledge is to provide a safe, fun and educational tour that allows us to both fulfill the appetites of our guests and to support the communities we operate in.

Meet Barb Trenchi, Our Owner


Barb took over SoCal Food Tours from Co-Founders Patti Milligan and Kelly Hartford, in November 2012.  She loves living in Coronado and is passionate about showing it off to out-of-town visitors and local-area-visitors alike. Just like your friend or neighbor who tells you about the great restaurant they went to or the interesting story they heard, Barb enjoys sharing her incredible Coronado experience and the history of the island with others. The fascinating facts, fabulous food and fun insider secrets make the Coronado Culinary & History Walking Tour an experience you’ll not soon forget.

Barb has lived in Coronado for the past 11 years and truly believes it is paradise on earth.  When you come on a SoCal Tour, she will likely share her insider secrets and knowledge with you.

Make it memorable – Barb Trenchi

Our History

SoCal Food Tours began offering a walking food tour of the Coronado Village area in October 2011.  Co-Founders Patti Milligan and Kelly Hartford had worked together for over 20 years in the food business and embarked on this adventure together.  In November 2012, Barb Trenchi, one of SoCal’s Tour Guides, took over the company and is excited to grow it with the great foundation put in place by Patti and Kelly.  As of the end of 2017 over 3,000 guests have participated in the tour.

Meet Patti Milligan and Kelly Hartford, Our Co-Founders

Patti is a Nutritionist and Co-Founder of SoCal Food Tours. She is passionate about the nutritional elements of food as well as discovering flavors that excite taste buds. Patti is thrilled to bring people and intriguing foods together for a culinary experience!

Her vision for SoCal Food Tours from the beginning was to fuse nutrition with the passion of eating. She believes that by bringing together enjoyment of the culinary experience with nourishing foods, we can all enjoy heightened vitality. In addition, she has always been drawn to the energy and enthusiasm of those that own and work in local food establishments. Patti admires their commitment to delivering high-quality food while providing an outstanding customer experience. With every full-flavored bite you experience, just know that enthusiastic, like-minded people have thoughtfully prepared these delicious culinary dishes for you. She applauds them!

Happy Tastings—Patti T. Milligan

Kelly’s vision for SoCal Food Tours was to unite curious eaters with local establishments who have a story to tell – about their ingredients, dishes, architecture, history and more. In doing so, locals or visitors can be introduced to a variety of amazing establishments in a short period of time. Simple enough, right?

With 17 years in the natural foods industry, Kelly has developed various marketing campaigns to raise awareness about healthy food choices. She has been blessed with the opportunity to visit many organic farms in San Diego County, sharing the stories of the farmers with those who ultimately enjoy their produce. In doing so, she learned that higher quality food usually has a better story!

Enjoy the day! – Kelly Hartford








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